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2019-05-26 Harsh Khajuriaresources

In this blog I will list out various places and resources on the internet that you can use to get better at Computer Science and Programming. I found some of these as useful in particular while others interesting. Also this is not an exhaustive list and I will add more as and when I find them.

Last updated - 26th^{th} May, 2019


Twitter is a place that is filled with people who regularly share ideas and resources related to Computer Science. Some of my favourite handles that you can follow are listed below -


  1. Elon Musk - Enough said.
  2. Paul Graham - Co founder of Y Combinator. Tweets about startup culture and general do’s and don’t in the same.
  3. Andrej Karpathy - AI and ML at Telsa.
  4. Sahil Lavingia - CEO of Gumroad.
  5. Nat Friedman - CEO of GitHub.
  6. Keith Smiley - iOS at Lyft
  7. Jeff Attwood - Co-founder Stack Overflow.
  8. George Hotz - Founder of Comma.ai. God like programming skills. Apparently he wants to be Instagram famous too so follow him there as well.
  9. 3blue1brown - Owner of the Youtube channel 3blue1brown.
  10. Siraj Raval - YouTuber. Tweets about his videos and general commentary on present state of cutting edge AI.
  11. Dan Abramov - React at Facebook. Tweets about JS and React related content.
  12. Adam D’ Angelo - CEO Quora. Previously CTO at Facebook.
  13. John Sundell - iOS Freelancer. Host of Swift by Sundell podcast.
  14. Errichto - Competitive Programmer. Tweets about competition updates and his streams on Youtube.
  15. Luna - Posts random polls about outputs of codes that make me question my knowledge of C/C++.


YouTube channels that I follow which post quality content related to Computer Science -

  1. 3blue1brown - Videos related to maths and computer science with beautiful animations. Want to learn what blockchain is? Watch this.
  2. Algorithms Live - His one hour videos on concepts related to algorithms and data structures are very good. He covers topics which are generally harder to grasp. Want to learn binary lifting technique to find Lowest Common Ancestor in a tree? Watch this.
  3. Codechef - Codechef’s youtube channel has videos from programming camps that they have held in previous years. Indian Competitive Programmers like Tanuj Khattar and Akashdeep Nain attend these as coaches and you can find their lectures here.
  4. Derek Banas - This channel has tutorials on probably every commonly used language there is. Have an interview tomorrow and want to brush up your SQL skills in an hour? Here
  5. Gaurav Sen - Software Engineer at Uber. Videos related to concept in algorithms and data structures. For some time he has been making videos on System Design which is a topic on which such consolidated resources are scarce.
  6. Tech Lead - If you don’t know the tech lead. Do you even write code? Ex Google Tech Lead with videos from life in silicon valley to advice on how to manage your money to resources on algorithms and data structures he uploads videos on everything.
  7. Siraj Raval - A good place to checkout if you want to be up-to date with AI and ML stuff. Want to get started with AI and ML. Checkout his 3 month curriculum - here and here
  8. Lex Fridman - Teaches Deep Learning at MIT. Checkout his content for the same.
  9. Mayuko - iOS engineer. Posts content related to life as a software developer with resources related to Computer Science and iOS development as well.
  10. Sentdex - Self taught programmer. Tons of free content on AI and ML.
  11. Coding Train - Great channel especially for beginners. Uses Javascript as the main language to develop applications. His videos are high on energy. So you won’t feel bored while learning concepts and developing cool things.
  12. Tushar Roy - Videos on most used algorithms and data structures with well thought out examples and explanations. The only problem that I have with his content is that he gives no intuition on the algorithm and jumps straight into the material.
  13. Wes Bos - Javascript and related content.
  14. CommaAi Archive - Twitch streams by George Hotz can be found here. You can see him coding projects live from scratch. Personal fan of his work ethic evident from such stream.
  15. Joma Tech - Ex Data Scientist at Facebook. Videos on life in Silicon Valley among some resource related ones.
  16. Petr - One of the best competitive programmers in the world. Posts streams of him competing live. Sometimes with commentary.
  17. Errichto - Competitive Programmer. Streams on concepts related to algorithms and data structures. Feeling like you need a practice session on dynamic programming? Solve this contest on Atcoder with 27 DP problems along with Errichto in a 5 hour coding sprint.
  18. umnik_team - Legendary Grandmaster on Codeforces. Posts screen recordings of him competing in contests.


  1. r/androiddev
  2. r/iOSProgramming
  3. r/C_Programming
  4. r/coding
  5. r/CodingHelp
  6. r/compsci
  7. r/computerscience
  8. r/coolgithubprojects
  9. r/cpp
  10. r/cpp_questions
  11. r/CS_Questions
  12. r/cscareerquestions
  13. r/CSEducation
  14. r/csMajors
  15. r/dailyprogrammer
  16. r/datascience
  17. r/datasets
  18. r/Frontend
  19. r/itsaunixsystem
  20. r/javascript
  21. r/learnmachinelearning
  22. r/learnprogramming
  23. r/learnpython
  24. r/MachineLearning
  25. r/ProgrammerTIL
  26. r/programming
  27. r/reactjs
  28. r/Python
  29. r/tensorflow
  30. r/vim

GitHub Repositories

Github has repositories with tons of listed out resources for Computer Science and Programming.

  1. ML AI Project Ideas
  2. Learn ML in 3 months by Siraj Raval
  3. All Algorithms implemented in Python
  4. All Algorithms implemented in Java
  5. All Algorithms implemented in JavaScript
  6. Awesome Swift - Curated list of frameworks, libraries and software in Swift
  7. Awesome Machine Learning - Curated list of awesome Machine Learning frameworks, libraries and software
  8. Awesome Python Applications
  9. professional-programming - Collection of full-stack resources for programmers
  10. Bhuvnesh Jain’s repo with templates for Competitive Programming
  11. practicalAI - A practical approach to learning and using machine learning
  12. Begin-Latex-in-minutes
  13. Public-APIs - A public list of APIs from round the web
  14. 100 Days of ML Code
  15. Solutions to Bible of Algorithms - CLRS
  16. Curated List of Resources for College Students
  17. Awesome Blockchain
  18. CS-Interview-Knowledge-Map
  19. awesome-design-patterns
  20. 30-seconds-of-interviews - Curated collection of common interview questions to help you prepare for your next interview.
  21. Curated list of engineering blogs
  22. Build your own X
  23. Design Patterns for Software Engineering
  24. A curated list of awesome research papers, datasets and software projects devoted to machine learning and source code.
  25. Coding Interview University
  26. SnapDragon64’s solutions to ACM ICPC WF Problems
  27. Awesome NLP - A curated list of resources dedicated to Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  28. The Art of Command Line
  29. Collection of Podcasts for Software Engineers
  30. free-programming-books
  31. Projects-Solutions - Solutions to some of the commonly used projects
  32. awesome-competitive-programming - Resources for Competitive Programming
  33. Machine-Learning-Tutorials
  34. awesome-interview-questions
  35. awesome-nodejs
  36. awesome-courses - List of courses offered by universities over the internet
  37. computer-science - Path to a free self-taught education in Computer Science!
  38. Awesome Cheatsheets
  39. awesome-modern-cpp
  40. awesome-cpp
  41. my-mac-os - List of applications and tools that make my macOS experience even more amazing
  42. awesome-react-components


  1. Hacker Tools - Make the most of your computer as a programmer.
  2. Wakatime - Install plugins and track the total time you spent coding with details related to languages and editors.
  3. Useful Resources and Links for C++

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